Top Tourist Destinations In Monroe County

Top Tourist Destinations In Monroe County

Everything that you see in Monroe County will give you the possibility to enjoy all the way. That is because this fantastic place contains numerous landmarks and monuments that will tell you more than these words here. However, we have to present you the most relevant ones that you can visit anytime. From Sweetwater Flea Market to different museums that will provide you all the information about your ancestors, history will not repeat itself because you can learn from it!

Sweetwater Flea Market

“Sweetwater Flea Market”

If you want to enjoy a fabulous and the biggest indoor/outdoor Flea Market in Monroe Country, you have to visit it and enjoy. It contains all the ingredients for a perfect trip where you can enjoy with friends and family. It comes with numerous gift shops where you can buy souvenirs that will make you remember your time in Monroe County.

At the same time, the best thing about it is that you can bring your pets too because it is open for them with different restrooms especially made for them. Yes, you heard it right! Also, there are lots of things that you can do with your children or partners, so we have to conclude that this market is for everyone.

Sweetwater Heritage Museum

“Sweetwater Heritage Museum”

Sweetwater Heritage Museum was established in 1967, renovated in 1930 and contains numerous artifacts, local history research materials and a sizeable historical photograph collection. If you want to discover your cultural heritage based on the Sweetwater County Historical Museum and Southwestern Wyoming, explore stories of Native Americans, fur trappers, explorers and travelers, this is the perfect place where you can fill the traditional batteries.

You can find out how Sweetwater County first started and its prehistorical moments when there were dinosaurs and swampy animals. Thousands of years later, Native Americans, mostly Ute and Shoshone, claimed the land. The first settlers were the mountain men, and the first Rocky Mountain Rendezvous was held here in 1825 which was the largest one ever.

Sweetwater Valley Farm

“Sweetwater Flea Market”

If you have a tooth for dairy products, then you have to visit Sweetwater Valley Farm. You can enjoy walking tours around the year with fantastic weather and affordable tickets that are reasonably priced. There are lots of church groups, chartered bus tours, and clubs that you can call to ask for pricing and reservations. If you are keen to see where milk comes from and try out all the different kinds of cheeses, you can make a reservation and enjoy an evening with dairy products.

Sweetwater, TN


Sweetwater is still a place where you can see different times and historical periods in one place. There are numerous attractions and unique shops where you can find everything that you want without any problem.

Sweetwater is associated with a tiny bit of nostalgia as well as friendliness and charm that one would normally expect from a small town. At the same time, you can visit traditional gift shops where you can find exquisite home furnishing, rare antiques and original works of art. Some of them are hundreds of years old, which makes your journey all the more incredible and fantastic.

Tanasi Memorial

“Tanasi Memorial”

Tennessee Historical Commission Foundation and TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) built this monument as a reminder of the events that started back in the 18th century. Tanasi was the capital of Cherokee Nation from 1721 – 1730 and the origin of the name Tennessee.

The former town was located 300 yards from this monument and gained political prominence in 1721 when the civil chief was elected Emperor of the Cherokee Nation. During the 18th century, it was overshadowed by the town of Chota from the North.


There are lots of places that you can visit in Monroe County. As we have mentioned before, no words can explain their beauty, so you really have to see it to believe it!