Sights And Sounds Of Monroe County

Sights And Sounds Of Monroe County

Monroe County as we have mentioned before is widely recognized for its natural scenic environment and historical landmarks. There are numerous things that you can see to enjoy, and that is the main reason we decided to present you the best sights and sounds of Monroe County!

Conasauga Falls

“Conasauga Falls”

To make your trip worthwhile, you have to visit this lovely waterfall. It contains tiny and shiny leaves of Partridge Berry in spring and numerous white flowers. These berries are eatable in summers so try to visit it at this particular time.

You can also enjoy it in the third week of April because you can see Dogwood and Trillium all around you. The big rock shines down and provides you a perfect sight of this waterfall that will make you shiver with pleasure.

Falls Branch

“Most of the discussion”

It is effortless to visit Falls Branch because it is just 20.3 miles from Tellico Plains and you will enter the majestic world of Mother Nature. This particular hike is high, so we recommend you to visit it in summer.

You will see fantastic spring and Trillium all around you which starts in April and the great smell of Hemlock next to small Cherry trees where you can pick one and eat it to replenish your strength. The end of the trail can be slippery and quite challenging so be careful when you are hiking through it. We recommend you to choose a dry day for your adventure.

Jeffery’s Hell

“Jeffery’s Hell”

Imagine a place where wildflowers are scattered all around you in addition to fantastic colors, shapes, and natural attractions. You just have to walk for a while and see Blackberry bushes growing up in their homes and a plethora of colors and fragrances.

Sit there and relax through the summer with children and friends. You can see lots of Silverbell and Buckeye trees. It is a moderate hike road with 2.2 miles and ends up in a place called Citico Creek. It got the name from the story when Jeffrey lost his dogs and stated that he would go through hell to get them.

Amazing, isn’t it?


Monroe County is a great place where you can see the natural scenic beauty that will leave a delightful mark on your personality and senses. These areas are not too hard to reach, but you have to prepare yourself for walking and hiking.