About Us

This website has been built for one reason and one reason alone – to educate the readers on everything that Monroe County has to offer to tourists and the general public at large! Why am I important? I’m not, that is the whole point. I have built the website Monroe Government because of my wish to present people the idea of our county and to simplify the concept of real quality in front of you.

I was born in Madison, surrounded by people who cared too much about our county, history, and country. It is widely known that I have followed the steps that my ancestors took and today, I’m proud to present you a project that I thought of when I was just a kid.

Our Heritage

I was playing with my toys when I saw people around who tried to create a difference and present a meaning to this world. That was the time when I threw all my toys in the trash and followed the same path. Some would say that everything I do is like Don Quixote, as a fighter, but I do not see myself that way at all.

Finally, I succeeded in creating a personal website where I can present to people everything that I’m surrounded with. Familiar situations, moments that make this world turn around, and ordinary people who wanted to make a difference. I’m here for them, and that’s why I’m here in the first place.

Please note that this is not the official website of the Monroe Government, just my thoughts turned reality where I show Monroe County how it really is, from my eyes!</p

Our Belief

The website was built when people around me started talking that the county was becoming a widely recognized place for tourists not just from America, but from the whole world. This was when it struck me that what I really wanted to do was present my County to people coming to visit from around the world.

Yes, maybe I’m too idealistic when it comes to my County, but with reason. I can start with saying that Monroe County is a large place among the Tennessee counties that will offer incredible opportunities to see great sights and landmarks. All around you are mountains, picturesque rivers, streams, valleys, and lakes.

Our Vision

Imagine that you have to walk through Cherohala Skyway, or see National Scenic Byway! This particular mountain drive will take you through the Cherokee history, their affectations and what is the most important through idealistic creations that are all around us.

After that, you can see Nantahala National Forest that extends from Tennessee to North Carolina. Through those places, you can find numerous sites to hike, camp, swim or picnic. It all depends on the time when you decide to visit Monroe County.

The Future

If you are searching for a place to invest in, you can choose our lands to create your habitat or work that will include people from around. Our banks will help you get a loan if you provide us with a thorough business plan that will consist of our citizens and therefore, families.

Our industry is based on different markets, from leading manufacturers to serving. You can find them by searching through it in person or on our website so that you can determine whether our county is suitable for your kind of work.

Monroe County also contains lots of schools where you can take your children to develop and to grow into good-looking, intelligent adults and citizens of our fantastic country. From Monroe to Sweetwater, it is an excellent place to live and start a new life. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t thought about living there because you will acclimatize with other people in a matter of days. We are all friendly, and we accept other people and strangers with gratitude, because of the simple reason that a few hundred years back, we were settlers and the first people too.

If you want to visit Monroe County to have fun, there are lots of places that you can visit where you can drink craft beer, enjoy a hot meal and dance all night long.

Monroe County is the best place to live. Therefore, we are calling you to visit our beautiful county and witness firsthand everything that it has to offer. After a few days here, you will understand why we love Monroe County to this extent!