Bobby Hicks To Feature In 12th Annual Fiddlers Of Madison County

Bobby Hicks To Feature In 12th Annual Fiddlers Of Madison County

For the 12th year in a row, Madison County is going to hold the annual fiddlers of Madison County.

One of the greatest heritage of Madison County is to be able to hold musical events each year.

These musical events bring many people together from all works of life to celebrate the great music which the county has been known to have for decades now.

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The Musical Event

The Fiddlers of Madison County

Thousands of people, both locals and tourists attend these festivals with an aim to have fun, experience good music and meet new people. It is also a way for the Madison County to show off its rich culture to its tourists and also raise its economy through the various job opportunities that come along with the events. Furthermore, Madison county residents are also able to explore and work on their talents, which they are able to showcase in the music festivals, which fiddlers of Madison County is part of.

The Fiddlers of Madison County is proud to present Bobby Hicks as the featured act in this year’s festival. Bobby Hick is a Grammy award winning artist who has been playing the fiddle since the tender age of 9. And soon after when he turned 11, he won an award at the North Carolina state championship for playing the black mountain rag. He has had so much experience, which has been used to influence other artists in the music industry, both old and upcoming.

History Of Bobby Hicks 

Bobby Hicks

Being in the music industry for about 60 years and winning ten Grammy awards in the process is a great achievement for anyone, and Madison County is honored to honor this musical mogul. He is an iconic musician as well as a bluegrass fiddler whose passion for his skill has taken him to so many places. Apart from the fiddle, he also plays the banjo.

His musical career really took off when he was added as a member of the bluegrass boys by Bill Monroe in the year 1954. Apart from Bill Monroe, Bobby Hicks was also able to work with other musicians such as Judy Lynn, Jim Eanes as well as Ricky Skaggs for over two decades. Bobby Hicks put a small break to his career when he had to join the army for two years. After he got discharged however, he got right back into it, and went on to record 10 more songs with the bluegrass boys. After this, he was appointed as a fixture on the Judy Lynn show for seven years before proceeding to a 23 year stint with Ricky Skaggs.

Other Artists

Bryan McDowell

There are going to be other talented artists who will also be performing along Bobby Hicks in the 12th annual fiddlers of Madison County. They include Roger Howell, who is well known for memorizing over 500 tunes of the fiddle. Another artist who will perform is Arvil Freeman, who is an award winner of the NC heritage.

He will not be performing alone, but with Bryan McDowell, who is his protégée.  The junior Appalachian musicians of the Madison county arts council is also a group that will be able to perform at the annual festival.

Other Activities At The Madison County

The annual Fiddlers of Madison County is just one of the many activities that visitors and residents can take part in for leisure. Truly, Madison County is the place to be, for people who love to do interesting things. Not only does the county have a great musical culture, but also, its environment is very scenic. It has very beautiful natural sceneries like rivers and forests and hills, which can be toured by anyone at any time.

Many people have lived in the Madison County for ages and more people continue to relocate there because of everything that it has to offer. The feeling of belonging and community is also very present in the county, and the bond is made stronger by the various activities and festivals that happen annually, like the annual fiddlers of Madison County. Residents and tourists gather for a good time of music, fun and interaction.

The event is set to take place on the Saturday of 10th march 2018 at 3pm. The venue will be the campus of Mars Hill University. Get advanced tickets for only $25 and tickets at the venue at only $30. See you there!