What Is The Perfect Time Of The Year To Visit Tennessee And Why?

What Is The Perfect Time Of The Year To Visit Tennessee And Why?

Tennessee is a place on Earth that offers a wide array of experiences for all visitors. Selecting a time of the year to go is a complicated decision because every season has some magic to offer. Some prefer going to see the wonderful colors of autumn and some want to go to see the blossom of summer and spring. Let´s take a look at some of the best features of every moment of the year so you can make a decision based on actual data.

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Summer in Tennessee is humid, hot and crowded with lots of tourism all across the state. The number is approximately 10 million people arriving from all over the country and overseas. Temperatures range anywhere between 90 to 100 degrees in most places except for the Smokey Mountains National Park, which is a little cooler, especially at night. If you feel like escaping the beach and going for something different, you can catch a tour guide and go roaming into the Smokeys.

  • Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival – The area covered by the Bonnaroo Festival is as big as 375 football fields united at the service of arts and music. The festival itself features some of the most talented, established acts in the world and also some soon-to-be. Fans attend from every corner of the country and the world. This year´s headliners are Phish, Childish Gambino, The Lumineers and Grand Ole Opry among many others.
  • Little River Road – The Great Smokey Mountains National Park features an amazing road that can take you to see the entire natural beauty of it with panoramic stop, picnic areas and waterfalls. Summer is the best time for it.
  • Synchronous Fireflies – Watching fireflies mating in the darkness is one of the best phenomena you can witness in nature. It only happens two weeks a year at the Smokey Mountains National Park. Males and females flash their lights in a synchronized way to amaze all audience.
  • Elvis Week – If you are a fan of The King you cannot miss Elvis Week in Graceland. A plethora of activities happen around that date (August) and fans arrive from every corner of the world to pay homage to Rock and Roll and its king.


The mountains change their colors and what once was green turns into yellow, red, orange and starts falling from the trees into the ground. The Smokey Mountains colors are worthy of visiting, especially in this time of the year. With hot days and cool nights, the weather is perfect for relaxing (despite the tourist flood). The only drawback for some people is that autumn is also the rainy season. Temperatures oscillate between 61 and 83 degrees.

  • Tennessee State Fair – If you close your eyes and think for a moment of the perfect fun day with your family, something very close to the state fair might come to your mind. From ice cream eating contests to karaoke showdowns to selecting the best apple pie in the state, it is all possible in this great event.

  • National Storytelling Festival – Storytelling is an ancient activity and this uncanny event celebrates it. it is an international event that attracts over 10,000 people plus storytellers from all over the world.

  • Nashville Greek Festival – You don´t need to be Greek to enjoy the annual Greek Festival. You can try the amazing food of this ancient culture and have fun with their amazing legacy.


Springtime is always beautiful when you are surrounded by nature blossoming around you. In Tennessee, with the Great Smoke Mountains, the feeling of a new start is livelier than ever in the air. You can experience a huge palette of colors around you and the weather is perfect between 50 and 75 degrees.

  • Fall Creeks State Park – With over 90km of hiking trails, this is the most visited state park in the entire Tennessee. Visiting in spring is even more beautiful.

  • Machine Falls – If you are staying in Nashville, you should just take the road and drive one hour to fall in love with this waterfall area.


We don´t recommend visiting in winter because of the low temperatures that won´t allow visiting some key spots. Other than that, you have the main activities per season to choose.